What can evaluations do in terms of capacity development?

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What can evaluations do in terms of capacity development?

Dear members,

FAO Office of Evaluation is aiming at an inclusive and participatory approach throughout its evaluations. This also involves consultations with key stakeholders on the evaluation use, evaluation deliverables and the conduct of stakeholder workshops to discuss evaluation conclusions and recommendations.

This inclusive approach proves to be an effective way to minimize conflicts, increase ownership and build capacity in both functional and technical skills throughout the evaluation process.

Some of the functional skills developed during our evaluations are related to analytical capacity, creative thinking, active listening, problem solving.

On the technical side, after our inception workshops, most stakeholders report to have a better understanding of the theory of change, of other tools to map results (e.g. outcome harvesting), as well as of the difference between the tracking of outputs and the monitoring of outcome level indicators related to agriculture and rural development.

We are curious to hear about any experience you have in relation to evaluations that led to developing of capacities, even very far from the one FAO Office of Evaluation is adopting.  

  • Do you have any experience in evaluations that helped developing capacities of evaluands and other actors, including beneficiaries? It would be great if you could share some practical examples.
  • What about participatory evaluations? Did those lead to any clear development of capacities (even soft skills?)
  • Did you evaluate the capacity development component of the evaluation itself, and how?

Your experience can feed into the Capacity Development Evaluation Framework that we are developing and help in valuing the capacity development component of evaluations.

Many thanks!

Luisa Belli and Lavinia Monforte

FAO Office of Evaluation

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