What can we do to improve food security data?

Food security

What can we do to improve food security data?

Statistics usually play a vital role in supporting policy. It is critical to ensure the credibility and reliability of the data we use, given that this information underpins our decision making. However, in many cases, the quality of primary data cannot be ensured, which may affect all subsequent analysis and policies. For example, as indicated in my blog, the credibility of food security data in Benin is called into doubt due to poor working conditions of agents and inappropriate data collection process.

Evaluation, which feeds into decision making by providing evidence-based findings and recommendations, also highly relies on credible and accurate statistics.

  • How can we monitor and evaluate efficiently progress towards the SDG2 – Ending Hunger if we cannot count on reliable data and consequent statistics and indicators?
  • Do you think there are also weakness and challenges in data collection in your country?

I look forward to hearing your experience. 

Emile Houngbo
National University of Agriculture

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