Janvier [user:field_middlename] Mwitirehe

Janvier Mwitirehe

Evaluation Researcher
Horizon of Excellence Ltd

More about me

From being a Community Development Facilitator, Community Supervisor, Auditor, then a Project Director of Administration and Finance as well as Financial Analyst, Mr Janvier Mwitirehe has done considerable efforts to become an expert in monitoring and evaluation. He is the founder of the Horizon of Excellence Ltd, a research, consulting and training company created in 2011. Through it, Janvier is recognized for his role in M&E capacity development in Rwanda.
Mr Mwitirehe is an active member of the Rwanda Monitoring and Evaluation Organization (RMEO) and other M&E platforms. More so, Janvier is a part-time researcher in statistics for policy development and a part-time trainer of planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) approved by Rwanda Management Institute (RMI) since January 2020. It is in this framework that he developed a Strategic PM&E training package that was given a concurrence by RMI management.
His main areas of intervention include the following:
- Use of statistics and big data to build an Effective M&E System: to address the issue of statistical illiteracy among M&E professionals, Janvier has been a strong proponent of the use of statistics in M&E. Moreover, he has developed a prototype of an effective M&E system and, this facilitated his doctoral studies in “Leveraging Big Data to Build an Effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system of a water utility company”.
- Data mining, analysis and visualization: Janvier masters different data mining techniques and is computer literate in Ms Office, Power BI, SurveyCTO, R, Python, Stata, Eviews, Epi Info and SPSS with statistical modeling and analytical skills. Using advanced Excel, GIS, Power BI and Tableau, Janvier can develop interactive performance dashboards.
- Designing experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations: Janvier created an Evaluation Research Team skilled in randomized control trial, propensity score matching, difference in difference, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs.
- Doing research in Performance, Impact and Efficiency (PIE) Evaluation: Janvier has so far published two papers: “Robust Impact Evaluation Experiments in Rwanda” and “Evaluation de l’Efficacite et Efficience du Système de Santé Rwandais”. In addition, Janvier is completing his third paper: “Integration of Big Data in Water Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System”. Case Study of Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) LTD in Rwanda.