Kamolmas [user:field_middlename] Jaiyen

Kamolmas Jaiyen

Evaluation Officer

Kamolmas Jaiyen is an evaluation officer with OED. She has over 25 years professional experience in project and programme management, results-based management, monitoring and evaluation in both humanitarian and development contexts. She specialises in managing and conducting thematic and country-level evaluations, having served for six years as Team Leader and author of complex and technical evaluations. Kamolmas was a master trainer with the Thai Evaluation Network. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations.

My contributions

  • This is the third SDG evaluation our office has conducted (see Olivier Cossée’s experience of evaluating FAO’s contribution to SDG 2 here). Experience told us it would be a monumental task but, needless to say, that proved an understatement. Here are some of the things we learned.

    Lesson 1: Explore fully the potential links between the SDG being evaluated and other SDGs before deciding on the scope of the evaluation.

    Determining what to evaluate in an SDG evaluation is not always clear cut, as the SDGs are often interconnected. There needs to be flexibility in the allocation of evaluation