Mame Vénus [user:field_middlename] Badiane

Mame Vénus Badiane

MEAL Manager
Counterpart International

I have a great expertise in the monitoring and evaluation of health and education programs with the design of SE plan, data collection system and M&E tools, the implementation of quantitative and qualitative surveys on evaluation's projects. In the learning component, I present here my experience in capacity building and the translation of challenges and successes into actions. Add to this experience in program management with participation or implementation of advocacy, good governance and sustainability activities. Below is the description of some experiences in 10 years in USAID Health and USDA Nutrition-Education projects after an engineering degree in information systems design and development and an MBA in management. Project

My contributions

    •  Mr Djime 

      Indeed the problem is no longer at the level of projects financed by donors. Most projects have a conclusive balance sheet with generally a minimum of 90% execution, achievement of performance objectives thanks to an adapted monitoring and evaluation system (recruitment of professionals, financing of the system, etc.).
      Now the difficulty is that, when these projects leave, there is no continuity most often because there was no strategy for the sustainability of the interventions nor a monitoring and evaluation mechanism (actors and tools) for the reasons following:
      - For lack of transition between project M&E specialists and state actors
      - For lack of human resources or qualified specialists at the level of public structures (who at a certain level of expertise work in the private sector)
      - but also for lack of policy or financial commitment of the government to finance this system after the cycle of the project.
      Consequently, the challenge is how to get state decision-makers to finance interventions (including the budget for monitoring and evaluation) for the benefit of communities and, on the other hand, how to raise the level of expertise of state agents in monitoring and evaluation (device and mechanism, mastery of applications and software,  analyzes for decision-making and evidence, etc.) and then maintaining them in the public sector.

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