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Mauro Fianco

Project construction manager
Autostrade per l'Italia

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Hydraulic and Civil Engineer. For more than 20 years I have been designing and building roads, and more generally civil engineering works.

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    • Good morning everyone.

      I am a verifier of complex technical projects for an Italian company, and have long been very interested in the evaluation of international social and technical projects.

      From reading the emails, I see that a lot is said about the length of the reports and the best way to make them easily understandable.

      What I didn't understand well is whether feedback is expected.

      In the audit reports that I produce for my company, there is a mandatory feedback in a short time, from the client who must respond to my observations both positively and negatively.

      The answer helps to improve my work and the client's work to solve the problem.

      I ask if this also happens in your evaluation reports.


      Mauro Fianco