After Action Review

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After Action Review

Hello everyone,

I would like some insights and / or resources on the After Action Review. What is the purpose of this exercise and how can it be linked to an evaluation? 

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Nabyouré Jean Stanislas OUEDRAOGO

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The best and most concise manual for After Action Reviews that I have experience with is from USAID, for here:

Having written that, the methodology is quite straightforward, I would suggest that you just go ahead and give it a try!

Good luck


Rituu B. Nanda

Rituu B. Nanda

Evaluation FacilitatorInstitute of Social Studies Trust (ISST)

Dear Nabyouré Jean Stanislas OUEDRAOGO,

I highly recommend this book :Learning to Fly: Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organizations 2nd Edition by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell

I work part time with the Constellation and we use AAR both as an organisation as well as with communities. One of us can talk to you if you want to learn from practitioners  We have now udated it as AER- After Experience reflection


Rituu B Nanda 
Evaluation Facilitator, Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST)

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Dear Nabyouré Jean Stanislas,

The After Action Review (AAR) is a quick reflective exercise for team-based learning during a project or ongoing initiative, in order to improve results in the current project. The AAR facilitates team learning from experience; it does not require outside experts. AARs can be very powerful tools for change, especially if they are repeated at major project milestones.  They provide data that could be used in an evaluation if there were clear links to the evaluation questions.

Please consult the following resources for further information:

After Action Review in BetterEvaluation (English)

After Action Review by UNICEF (English)

Outil de gestion de connaissances Analyse après action Plan Academy (French)