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Pelagia Monou


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Agricultural Economist MSc with 15 years of experience in international consultancy and strong expertise on policy and grant proposals' evaluation, in the fields of agriculture & rural development, circular economy, tourism, research, technology & innovation. In depth knowledge and understanding of methodologies for policy evaluation (intervention logic; measuring effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence, European added value, impact) and experience in evaluation/impact assessment studies: a) Economic and Social Assessment of Green Economy Activities at three African protected areas; b) Preparation of the Annual Implementation Report 2017 for the Rural Development Programme of Cyprus; c) RECAP - Reinforcing CAP - Personalized Public Services in support of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy, H2020 research project; d) Synthesis of 'ex ante' evaluations of rural development programmes 2014-2020; e) Ex-post Evaluation of the Rural Development Programmes 2000-2006; f) Evaluation of Preferential Agricultural Trade Regimes, in particular Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs); g) Drafting of guidelines regarding the NRN self-assessment in Greece. I also have proven experience in the design of triangular evaluation approaches and the implementation of field work (focus groups, interviews, surveys) with the use of participatory approaches (world café, open space, circle).
As a member of several national registries of evaluators, I have gained significant experience in assessing business plans against specific selection and award criteria, in the fields of agriculture and tourism.