What type of evaluator are you?

What type of evaluator are you?
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What type of evaluator are you?

Harriet Matsaert

Dear EvalForward members, 

Evaluators can wear different hats, play a variety of roles and embrace different approaches to their work. 

What type of evaluator are you? 

We invite you to take the simple quiz and to post any thoughts or comments in the forum below. 

Looking forward to the exchange! 

The EvalForward Team 

What kind of evaluator are you?

Choose one answer for each question that you feel is closest to you.

To you personally, evaluation aims primarily to...
The right evaluation method is ...
First thing to do in an evaluation is ...
Which indicators should I use?
The evaluation deals with technical subjects, do I need to call in an expert?
Overall, a good evaluator is...
If the evaluation is not useful it is because...
In order to contribute to better and useful evaluation, the evaluation community should ...