How to Measure the Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation Work


How to Measure the Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation Work

Dear members,

I am trying to think how best we can measure the impact of monitoring and evaluation work and would be grateful if you could share your experience and ideas with me.

In my organization, (the central unit in charge of monitoring and evaluation at the Office of the President), monitoring and evaluation is being carried out in different sectors and involving a variety of stakeholders, but we are not seeing improvement in service delivery being informed by the various monitoring and evaluation work.

For agriculture in particular, we are now facing issues of low production, productivity and quality of produce along with the challenges of seasonality due to rainfed agriculture. We do monitoring and evaluation at national, district and sub-district levels: however it is hard to see improvements in the sector as the data collected though the monitoring and evaluation do not seem to inform policies or interventions to change the situation. This happens despite the fact that we often involve parliamentarians and decision-makers in the process, including from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

I am therefore contemplating the idea that we as monitoring and evaluation staff should establish some indicators or yardsticks for our monitoring and evaluation function that could help us measure the contribution of our work in improving service delivery and help us to refocus where necessary. 

What is your take on how to measure the impact or changes that are informed by the monitoring and evaluation?  

Thank you in advance. 

Abubakar Muhammad Moki


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