Enhancing funding and service delivery in agriculture: any ideas?

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Enhancing funding and service delivery in agriculture: any ideas?

Dear members,

I work as Policy Analyst at the Local Government Finance Commission in Uganda and would like to propose a discussion on the issue related to the challenges of sector wide policies in financing service delivery, in particular in Agriculture and Climate Change.  

In Uganda, funding for agriculture sector remains far below the recommended threshold of the UN Protocols and the MAPUTO declaration. When it comes to funding planning, monitoring and evaluation of sector programmes at the local government level, the situation becomes even worse looking at the actual IPFs to the Local Governments.  According to the draft Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) for the current financial year 2019/2020, the entire Agriculture Sector is allocated about 3% of the entire total national budget. Now at the Local Government level, allocation for a department responsible for agriculture in one of the districts in the current financial year (FY 2019/2020) is approximately $24,437 of which about $4,065 is allocated for planning, monitoring and evaluation.  This implies that planning, monitoring and evaluation as a function receives only $1,016 every quarter.  

How can we leverage funding for the agricultural sector so that it meet international/national targets and leads to action on the ground? Ideas and proposals are welcome.  

Under the SDG era, I believe actors at the different levels need to have a sense of ownership to remain accountable to the people.  

Thanks for your feedback, 

Christine Kataike Abong